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How are you doing in the friend category? It is important for people in ministry and leadership positions to have friends.
We can get so busy in ministry that we do not make time for ourselves or our friends. We know they are important but we think we will get together someday. Someday often does not ever come.
Take time to make friends, keep friends, and be with friends. All of us will be enriched as we develop strong and healthy friendships.
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Mike & Anna Poppa have pastored for over 35 years. They are now involved in a dual ministry of pastoring and directing Still Waters Ministries. The insights they share are Biblical and life tested.
God has shaped their lives and ministry to equip them to serve others with practical tools, insights and compassion. Having served as Pastors, on Sectional and District Committees has helped to prepare them for their ministry to Pastors, Staff members and church people. We're here with and for you!
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