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Things God has shared about churches recently:
        We want qualitative change in people, but are not sure how to measure it.
        We want people to become disciples of Jesus, but are not sure of how to determine if they are.
        We pay attention to objective details because they are easier to track, but they do not measure character growth.
        We need to all learn how to measure the good things we are aiming for and and share those concepts with each other. 

How do you measure spiritual growth in your church?
If you have small groups, how do you practice quality control?
If you have staff, how are you nurturing their spiritual growth on a regular basis?
What is the one to three things that you wish you could do better as you lead your church?
please e-mail your responses to 
We plan to publish them so we can help each other.


Resources can help us all to be better.

What has helped you, may help someone else. It all depends on where we each are in our journey. I remember a friend recommending a book. I bought it, started to read it and put it down. A few years later, it was like gold. 

Here are a few recommendations to get us started:
 (Leadership) START WITH WHY" by Simon Sinek
(Culture) "MAD CHURCH DISEASE" by Anne Jackson


We have to keep growing as Christians,
if we want to keep growing our people!

Here are a few things for leaders to review:
How often do you read the Bible for personal growth? 
(God did save you before calling you to the ministry)
When was the last time God spoke to you?
(God spoke to you to call you to ministry)
How do you track what God is teaching you?
(Do you review and reflect what God has said to you?)
How does it impact you when God speaks to you?
(Can you take that passion and share it with others?)
Still Waters exists to be a support to Pastors and leaders.
We are thankful for those who give life to us and we just want to share that with you.

Please feel free to contact us through this website, or via e-mail at or via phone at 484-894-2822. Thanks!

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Mike & Anna Poppa we are currently pastors at Family Life Community Church in Bangor.

Still Waters Ministries has been the product of years of working with ministers, leaders, individuals and churches.

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