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Things Pastors are teaching me:
     They love Jesus and His church more than most realize.
     They are working harder than ever, for less results.
     They feel too responsible for how the church is.
     They blame themselves for poor choices made by others.
     They want the best for God's people.

We are presenting various challenges Pastors are facing.
Your input could help a number of other Pastors. 

How are you dealing with the following attitudes:
     1. Church attendance is not important
     2. God's grace covers me, so I don't have to change
     3. The church is here to serve me

please e-mail your responses to 
We plan to publish them so we can help each other.


Resources can help us all to be better.

What has helped you, may help someone else. It all depends on where we each are in our journey. I remember a friend recommending a book. I bought it, started to read it and put it down. A few years later, it was like gold. 

Here are a few recommendations to get us started:
THE LESS OBVIOUS - "OUTLIERS" by Malcolm Gladwell

We have to keep growing as leaders,
if we want to keep growing our leaders!

Here are a few things for leaders to review:
Why did I originally go into this field? 
(What did God call me to do?)
What have I learned about myself through the years?
What are my limitations? (The real ones)
What are my strengths? (That others see too)
How can I best understand and apply Psalm 119:78
and Ephesians 2:10 to understand God's will in my life?
How am I staying on God's trajectory for me?
Where I have a drifted and how do I get back on track?

Still Waters exists to be a support to Pastors and leaders.
We are thankful for those who give life to us and we just want to share that with you.

Please feel free to contact us through this website, or via e-mail at or via phone at 484-894-2822. Thanks!

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Mike & Anna Poppa we are currently pastors at Family Life Community Church in Bangor.

Still Waters Ministries has been the product of years of working with ministers, leaders, individuals and churches.

God has shaped our lives and ministry to equip us to serve you with practical tools, insights and compassion. Serving on Sectional and District Committees has been good preparation for ministry to Pastors, Staff members and church people. We're here with and for you! Give us a call!
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