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Stepping On The SCALE!

It is wise for us to step back and put the things we think, feel, say, do and desire on an objective scale. Today we are going to put our lives and ministries on "THE SCALE" = The Word of God!

Grade yourself on a scale of 1-10

Is my speech encouraging and building up those who are in conversation with me? (1 Thes. 5:11) ________

Is my church a "house of prayer?" (Lk 19:46) _______

Are my words and thoughts pleasing to God? (Ps 19:14) _____

Do I worship in a way that is transformational? (2 Cor 3:18) ___

Am I memorizing Scripture? (Ps 119:11)  _____

Am I as forgiving of others as I hope they will be forgiving to me (just like God)? (Eph 4:32) ______

Am I taking steps to see my life transformed by intentionally pursuing the renewing of my mind? (Rom 12:2) ______

Am I loving God, myself and others with all of my being:
(Mk 12:30-32) ______  

Am I living free of self-condemnation? (Rom 8:1) ______

Am I pressing to become the person God created me to become? (Phil 3:14) _____

There are so many more, but these are certainly enough to look at for now. Most of us could spend multiple days on each one. Take some time and let God work in you to keep you growing in grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus.
(2 P3 3:18)

We'd love your feedback.
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Mike & Anna Poppa have pastored for over 35 years. They are now involved in a dual ministry of pastoring and directing Still Waters Ministries. The insights they share are Biblical and life tested.
God has shaped their lives and ministry to equip them to serve others with practical tools, insights and compassion. Having served as Pastors, on Sectional and District Committees has helped to prepare them for their ministry to Pastors, Staff members and church people. We're here with and for you!
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