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Pastor, we feel for you.
We feel the excitement of the blessings you see! We rejoice with you when good things happen. Celebrate victories! Even small ones!

We also know the draining effect of putting your heart, life, time, energy, prayer, vision, and being into people and places that seem to not respond as you would like. We understand frustration. We know there are days when you question yourself, your people, and even wonder what God is trying to do in the middle of it all.

Feelings are a part of ministry. We face some of the most challenging days that our generation has seen. We need each other.

We want you to know that we are praying for you. We are here to be a friend and to listen and help in any way we can. God has given us His body and we, as Pastors, need each other. Let us strengthen His church by building up each other.

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Mike & Anna Poppa have pastored
Easton Assembly of God for almost 15 years, Evangel Assembly of God for almost 22 years and now Family Life Community Church in Bangor for almost 3 years.

Still Waters Ministries has been the product of years of working with ministers, leaders, individuals and churches.

God has shaped our lives and ministry to equip us to serve you with practical tools, insights and compassion. Having served as Pastors, on Sectional and District Committees has helped to prepare them for their ministry to Pastors, Staff members and church people. We're here with and for you! Give us a call!
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