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Personal Inventory

__  I have read the Bible today for personal spiritual growth.

___ I have spent time in 
prayer today to address issues in my life.

___ I have taken time to praise and worship God for His goodness to me as a person.

___ I have set specific and measurable goals for this month year to track my own spiritual development.

___ I have spent time today with my spouse and family to continue to strengthen our relationship.

___ I have personally encouraged someone today.

___ I am eating, exercising, and resting to protect my health.

___ I have healthy outlets for my emotions. (positive & negative)

___ I am staying accountable to someone for my personal growth.

___ I am practicing personal integrity.


Thank you for taking the time to visit this website and look at it. You face unique challenges. We understand the delicate balances you are called to maintain as you declare the Word of God and shepherd His people. We know the tight places that can be a part of your life, church, staff and even your family. We would be honored to be invited to communicate with you to see if there is some way we can be of service to you. Thanks for listening.
                                                                            Pastor Mike Poppa 


Evangelist Greg Hubbard
Dear Pastor:
   I am writing today, to highly recommend the ministry of Pastor Mike Poppa and Still Waters Ministries.
     With our being on the road for over 28 years now as evangelists, I have witnessed firsthand in my own life, and in the lives of pastors and the people we minister to, the great need for each of us to walk in spiritual health. With his many years as a senior pastor, The Lord has gifted Mike to challenge, encourage, and teach people not only to identify their struggles, but how to overcome them and walk in victory. 
      It is with great ease that I recommend the ministry of Mike Poppa. A sweet spirit, solid Bible teaching, a great sense of humor, passion for Jesus, and a desire to bless every pastor and church, are things you can expect when having Mike for ministry. 
      I was telling a pastor friend recently, "if I were a pastor, I would schedule a "Still Waters Weekend" every year to bless the people and for a fresh reminder to be people of the Word, who stay in love with Jesus."
Rev. Jack Mason, Retired Pastor
Still Water Ministries is being raised up for, "Such a time as this." A time when churches need a fresh word of healing and a time when Pastors and Ministers need a fresh word of encouragement. Mike and Anna, come with a rich background of ministry experience and life experience. They will help both pastors and congregations to experience a new level of potential. This is a "must check it out" ministry!
Pastor Phillip Menditto, Sr. Pastor: Philadelphia Christian Center
Dear Pastor: 
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Still Waters Ministries to churches and religious organizations. What impresses me about Still Waters Ministry and specifically Pastor Mike Poppa is his heart for Jesus Christ and his fervent desire to see the Lord move in the hearts of people.
Still Waters Ministry has helped so many draw into a deeper relationship with the Lord as they overcome difficulties in their lives and to walk in total victory with our Lord. You will find his preaching and teaching biblically sound, anointed and delivered with great energy. Mike’s passion for God is evident as he brings forth the word to both encourage and challenge people.
Mike Poppa is one of those rare individuals whose life truly reflects the heart of God. He is a personal friend, a man of integrity and I highly recommend Still Waters Ministries whether for Retreats, Counseling, Pulpit Cover or the many other resources he provides. His ministry would be a blessing to any church.

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Mike & Anna Poppa have pastored for over 35 years. They are now involved in a dual ministry of pastoring and directing Still Waters Ministries. The insights they share are Biblical and life tested.
God has shaped their lives and ministry to equip them to serve others with practical tools, insights and compassion. Having served as Pastors, on Sectional and District Committees has helped to prepare them for their ministry to Pastors, Staff members and church people. We're here with and for you!
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