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Jesus is the Good Shepherd!
We are called to be shepherds to our flock!
The role of the shepherd is defined in both Old and New Testament.
We may need business skills to leader a church, but we still need to be shepherds.
We may need to fill other roles, but we still need to be shepherds.
The primary role of a Pastor is to be a shepherd!

How deeply have researched the Biblical role of Shepherd?
How well do you fill that role?
What or who has gotten you away from being a Shepherd?
What do you need to do to be a better Shepherd?

Pastor, are you  more of a ping pong paddle or a ping pong ball?
Ping pong balls spend their lives reacting to external stimuli. They are moved by their environment and situation.
Ping Pong Paddles are in the hands of the Master. They are led with a purpose and cooperate with the design of the Master.
These questions have to be answered for at least 2 areas.
Am I personally more like a paddle or a ball?
Am I more like a paddle or a ball as a minister?
God has designed you for a specific purpose. (Eph 2:10)
We need to trust Him to fulfill His purpose in us.
We must put ourselves in His hands.
Spend time in the Word. Spend time in prayer. Listen more.
Let God be the Master, you be the paddle and life be the ball!

Resources can help us all to be better.

Time to pray and reflect!
Time to listen to God more often!
Time to collect & synthesize what we learn.
Time to see and develop God's plan.
Time to communicate God to others!

Still Waters exists to be a support to Pastors and leaders.
We are thankful for those who give life to us and we just want to share that with you.

Please feel free to contact us through this website, or via e-mail at [email protected] or via phone at 484-894-2822. Thanks!

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Mike & Anna Poppa we are currently pastors at Family Life Community Church in Bangor.

Still Waters Ministries has been the product of years of working with ministers, leaders, individuals and churches.

God has shaped our lives and ministry to equip us to serve you with practical tools, insights and compassion. Serving on Sectional and District Committees has been good preparation for ministry to Pastors, Staff members and church people. We're here with and for you! Give us a call!
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