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Let's get to the point!

Pastors are competent people who often feel they can make things better without help. We have pastors for almost 40 years and understand that perspective.

We want to bless you and your ministry. We believe we can help.
We have experienced the help of others during our ministry. Evangelists, special speakers, missionaries, retreats, training sessions, counselors and more have helped us and our churches.

Quite simply we are asking you to consider Still Waters Ministries as a possible source of help to you and your ministry. We will work with you to advance your vision, re-enforce your ministry, and we will be affordable. Give us a call or send an e-mail.
Take a few minutes from your day to see if together we could see God do more. Thank you!

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Mike & Anna Poppa have pastored
Easton Assembly of God for almost 15 years, Evangel Assembly of God for almost 22 years and now Family Life Community Church in Bangor for almost 3 years.

Still Waters Ministries has been the product of years of working with ministers, leaders, individuals and churches.

God has shaped our lives and ministry to equip us to serve you with practical tools, insights and compassion. Having served as Pastors, on Sectional and District Committees has helped to prepare them for their ministry to Pastors, Staff members and church people. We're here with and for you! Give us a call!
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